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Affirmations, what they are and how to make them work.

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To understand and use affirmations effectively, we must look at the functions of our mind and how it is working. Affirmation is a sentence designed to create a behavioural change by spaced time repetition. This is a proven process in learning be it a new language or a new skill. Through repetition of words or actions, we create in our brain pathways that with time become ways to automatic responses in our actions and thinking. A good example is learning to drive a car. In the beginning, we had to intentionally recall each step and after a decade of driving, we can chat with the passenger, doing a coffee and suddenly arrive at the destination without even consciously directing our actions. The part where we need to pay attention is the fact that spaced time repetition of a statement will make it a truth and the basis of our actions. Whys do we need to pay attention to what we let in our minds repeatedly? The brain will create those pathways of beliefs for any statement that is repeated and emotionalized. Negative or positive.

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