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Understand how you influence your success: Day 7 of the 7-day Entrepreneurial Transition challenge

In the 80s I started to learn about the role the mental faculties play in the life experience we then live. Combined with what I learned about the power of the mind from the Greek and Roman philosophers, the leading edge euro plasticity, quantum physics and the emotional intelligence I grew in understanding of the creative processes.

I now clearly see and the connection between what we live on the inside (mentally and emotionally)  and what we experience on the outside as our life. There is a clear correlation between our inner “world” and our outer world.

I certainly know that the mind is the creative centre and the ability to focus our attention is the tool to understand how our experience “come to us.”

We filter out from the ocean of options what matches our, at the moment, focus and attention.

The brain then delivers more on the topic without evaluating. It just says “yes” to everything we focus on and gives us more of it…the train of thought is in motion, and we give it the direction.

There is no exclusion. When I say I don’t want this what I focus on, it becomes automatically part of my experience.

Try it!

That’s the reason I created the Clarity Guide and the new course “Success Map” that I am launching.

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