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❓Too Old For Going After Big Dreams? Watch This!

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Hello there, Mila Lansdowne, Dream Builder Coach. I'm coming to you with something that happened this morning and triggered this need to tell you something. 

Most of my clients and my audience is over 50. And this morning, I had, interaction, on one of those social media channels that are specifically for business owners. And I met a person who has a big dream. 

Of course the marketing professional in me first, you know, checking out their website, there was none. But there was a description of what they want to do, and it's inspiring, and it's big, yes. So I made a comment and made suggestions, so this person can make and enhance the dream exposure with a one-page website. That was my professional advice. 

And then we started to talk, and I realized that the family around this person is not supportive. They say the person is too old to go after this big dream. 

And of course, I say, "No!", you know. And for myself? Of course, I'm over 50. I'm a mature Dream Builder. And I said to myself, and I wrote this quote to this little post saying, and I read it here "I'd rather die in the pursuit of my dream than regret that I didn't try." 

You know, there is no age limit for building and living and pursuing your dreams. It's within. 

The only three things you need to look at are 

  1. Do you know clearly what you want? 
  2. 2. Is your heart with it? 
  3. 3. Do you believe you can do it? And are you moving with every action in the direction of that dream? 

Before we act as Dream Builders, mature Dream Builders, there is the question, is this action directed toward the achievement of my dream? And if not, well it's a waste of time. Okay. 

Off course there are this like, you know, taking care of relationships and so on, but there are many things that derail you from the pursuit of your dream and these are the actions that you need to sort them out and drop. Okay. 

Screen your day, screen your actions, and if you have a dream that sparks your passion, that you want to achieve. 

Build your legacy; go after it. But check with yourself, do you know exactly what it is? How it shows up in your life when it's achieved. 

Build this mental picture and see it, have it in your heart and then take consistent daily action, every action. Okay. So, here's to your dreams! 

There is no age limit to your dreams. So go on, make your dreams come true and live the excitement of building the dream. That's the best part, okay. 

You take care.🌹

This is Mila, ask me questions if you have any and I'm here to help.

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