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Mila Lansdowne with red book and quote Order is heaven's first law," AND the same applies to our MIND too - on blue background

"Order is heaven's first law," AND the same applies to our MIND too.

Clarity of purpose and values bring order to mind, and the work toward our dreams is enlivening and seems effortless.

It is not easy to keep the mind in order when we are flooded with notifications about new opportunities.

The only way I see we can stay sane in the busy environment competing for our attention is when we clearly know who we are, what value our action must honour.

From this base of clarity, we can easily filter the triggers and say no to those "attractive" opportunities that do not align with our core values and the vision we are building.

And for the entrepreneurs under us, this clarity contributes to focused communication reaching the clients we are committed to serving in business and marketing."

So today's homework is to jot down: Your Dream, Your Core Values, Your Mission(how you are going to build your dream while honouring your core values, and then the first step you are going to take today (even the tiniest step means you are closer to your dream and the action will strengthen your confidence in your ability to achieve your dream. 

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