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🌺Mind Mastery Minute with Mila: Where is The Train of Thought Taking You?

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A short contemplation for Self Empowerment

Hi there, Mila Lansdowne, the Dream Builder coach with just a short contemplation to give you a direction to self-empowerment. I'm teaching self-empowerment, the control of thoughts, and today is about the train of thought and understanding how powerful that train of thought is working in us. And if it's taking us somewhere where we maybe don't want to go at all.
To master your thoughts is self-empowerment — the power, your power and ability to take control, to become aware. So my intent for today is to make you aware.

Maybe you can catch yourself in moments where you are sitting on the train where you don't want to be. And I had a friend here, or better say, client, a few days, and we started to talk on a subject. And I asked him a question, and first, he didn't know an answer. He said, "No, it didn't happen." And then I brought an example, and suddenly he knew another case and another example, another example, and another example, till he realized, he said, "You know, it's funny how it works because once we started, "more and more of the information came up." And what I said, is this is how I love to help my clients to understand this train of thoughts. And the train can take you to misery or happiness. Once you start to focus on a topic or subject, more of it is coming to your mind. And if you are speaking with a partner in a conversation, it will happen even faster because the same process goes on in the mind of the other people who you are discussing the subject with. So this can be very powerful in a Masterminding group, but you need to set the direction.

Because wherever you focus on, the total energy goes, the creativity goes, and your mind will deliver you more and more and more and more information. The momentum will speed up, the number of data will increase, and new ideas start to come in.

First, the known ideas are coming in, basically from your memory and your awareness. And then new ideas are coming in, so you can use this focus for your benefit if you are in charge of the direction of the train of thoughts.
This insight is what I want to give you today, awareness.

Ask yourself, where is your train of thoughts going?
Be aware if somebody is bringing to you a topic that you don't want to be part of it then get out of it and change the direction into what will be better, what is the solution, instead of, what is the problem.

You are tuning yourself in that very moment to a specific topic that will speed up in your life experience. And you want to be in control of the train of your thoughts.
So, whatever the environment is bringing to you, make sure that you put that topic in the direction of a solution, in the course what you want you to see, okay?
So this is today, self-empowerment, just a quick note.
Sit in the driver seat of your train of thoughts, and make sure it's headed to a beautiful place where you love to be, and you will be inspired with new ideas when you stay on it. Then you will improve your day, moment by moment. So have fun with it, and realize how powerful you are, okay? Take charge! Take care. Bye-bye.

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