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What is Your Locus Of Control

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Two young women one happy with arms up smiling and the other holding a sign saying powerless

Empowered or disempowered - it’s our choice! (Is it?)

Our opinion about our abilities determines our actions. This opinion was formed through experiences.

When we are put down often, we may doubt our abilities to make things happen and feel that things happen to us.

On the other hand, when we have experiences of success, we develop the belief that we can make things happen. This is the perfect mental state to prevent existential frustration. 

In psychology, these two ways of seeing ourselves define how we approach life and are referred to as locus of control.

The locus of control is a belief system or paradigm that we can remodel by collecting success experiencing.

We all have successful events but often forget about them.

A success journal is a neat way to build up our success muscle and develop an awareness of our ability to influence the outcome of events.

A thought leads to emotion - emotion triggers action - action brings result. (I created this T-E-A-R creative principle acronym to help you remember your tremendous power in living a life you love.

Stephen Covey suggested being proactive and beginning with the envisioned result in mind.

If not done already, I suggest creating a vision board for your goals and the desired outcomes.

By contemplating the images and words on the vision board and intentionally generating and maintaining a positive mood, inspiring ideas come into our awareness (findings of the broaden-and-build theory). The next step is to take action, knowing that we move one step closer to the desired result. We conquer the lack of clarity - one of the 3 enemies of success :)

Awareness is everything! Our awareness builds our personal reality as we process our life events through the filter of our beliefs. Let’s build empowering beliefs!

I admit it. I’m in love with my vision board. It’s a beautiful, colourful daydream brought to life, and when I’m working on it, I get lost in my dreams, and time slips away. 

But don’t make the mistake of thinking spending an afternoon with my vision board is unproductive. Quite the contrary, spending a couple of hours planning my future with a vision board leaves me feeling inspired and ready to take action. After all, the harder I work, the closer I am to seeing those dreams become a reality.  

If you’ve heard of vision boards but haven’t tried your hand at creating one, what’s holding you back? Some people—especially those right-brained analytical types—find the very idea of creative goal setting to be so overwhelming they don’t know where to begin. For others, it’s the thought of collecting all the pieces that turns them off. 

There are no “rules” when creating a vision board. For both, though, the answer is simple. Begin with what you have on hand. 

Books & Magazines 

We all have that stack of magazines we keep meaning to toss. Now you can put them to good use in building your vision board. Flip through them and clip pictures that inspire you, such as vacation spots you’d like to visit, homes you’d love to live in, museums you want to explore. Don’t be picky or too selective. You don’t have to use all the images you clip, so for now, just cut out anything that captures your imagination.

The images you collect don’t have to be photos at all. Inspiring words, beautiful typography, even attention-grabbing ads can all make for an inspiring vision board. 

Coloured Pens & Markers

Don’t be afraid to let your creative side show with some hand lettering or doodling on your vision board. Quotes you love, special dates you want to commemorate, and even the names of people you admire can all find a home on your vision board. 

Stickers, Ribbons & Art Supplies

If you have kids, chances are you have plenty of craft supplies that will make great embellishments for your board. 

Stickers are more than just quirky accessories. Use them to mark the most critical items on your board, the ones you want to work toward next. Ribbons keep related ideas together, and mementos such as ticket stubs or receipts can serve as reminders of the life you want to live. 

Remember, above all else, your vision board is your own. Design a board that inspires you and lights you up every time you look at it, and it will work its magic on your life. 

Remember the T-E-A-R creative principle.

Stay focused, stay inspired!

Have Fun!

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