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How to live better by taking back our power

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Are we experiencing the renaissance of mental science?

Much is now proven about the power of mind, thoughts and emotions through neuroscience and leading-edge techniques.

What was only possible through the teaching of belief is now possible to learn through scientific evidence which our highly educated mind can more easily accept. 

We develop the understanding through the study of scientific material explaining the “mechanics of manifestation”- how do we create the experience of what we experience. In the previous post I talked about the red motorcycle today I want to share another manifestation story. 

In the beginning, we may think - coincidence. But once we begin to write down those “aha” events, we open the door to experiment and know more of the mystery of the ages called “manifestation”, which only is the alignment with the loving living energy of LIFE (however you want to name it. 

I want to encourage you to learn, test and experience the unmatched feeling of self-empowered living of a deliberate creator of your life experience. There is no doubt that our life experience is the result of the excision we take which stems from the opinion we have 

 what we think and feel about certain topics we act out and experience as the result of those actions.) Let’s create the life we love living! 

Btw I'm now offering the DreamBuilder coaching program in which I'm certified. It is training for this “alignment” so we can build our dreams. There are 10 steps I am guiding my clients through but it all begins with a free clarity session defining the #1 destination

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