10-Day online entrepreneur Challenge for beginners Day 8: creating leads is like dating

online marketing Feb 06, 2019

There is a sequence of the development of your relationship with the potential client.

It’s like dating.

For one, you must be where the person you are interested in is as well - again you must know our ideal client/ your “avatar”

People go through a process of

  1. getting to know you which means you must get yourself out there and present content that is of value to the client you want to attract. This is not selling, it’s free help where you create your image and can show your expertise and your compassion with client’s problem which you have the solution for.
  2. Then like you
  3. Then try your offer
  4. Then buy your offer
  5. Then come back as a repeat clientage finally referring you to their network

Once you know what value your audience wants, it's time to start to build an email list with a Freebie people get in exchange for their email so you can deliver even more value and begin the conversation.


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