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🌸 Creativity A Blessing or a Curse?

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Welcome to "Mentoring with Mila." My name is Mila Lansdowne. And I am here to make you think.
Specifically, as an entrepreneur and a person who is determined to succeed, you need to know how you create your results. And how you build your life in a way that is fulfilling so, you'll feel happy and prosperous. So, today, I want to talk about creativity. Is it a blessing or a curse?

I want to tell you what creativity is because you are creative and you perform many creative actions throughout the day, every day, continuously.

Creativity, in its definition, is to "create something from nothing," which means from a thought, an idea.
Now, think about this morning when you dressed. There was first an idea, what to put on.
When you made yourself a breakfast, there was an idea what you want to eat.

Everything starts with a thought.
Now, in the information age, we are bombarded with thoughts, words, pictures from different sources, different people, even the people living around us which are our loved ones and they're our priority.

But, as I'm coaching entrepreneurs and training entrepreneurs, I hear so often, that people are overwhelmed. They say they have "ADD."
No. It's just about the ability to direct your thoughts and actions. And the only way to do that is to know where you are going, to know what are your values.

If you have this firm basis for your life, if you know what experience you are building, you want to live and what are the values that you want to express, and to receive; All decisions will be simple and fast because they will be based in clarity.
And if some thought, an idea from outer space, or the Internet is coming in your mailbox, arriving in your notifications, you, instantly, know is it something that leads me to where I want to be?
Or is it something that it's somebody else's agenda?

You will be empowered knowing that you direct your destiny by knowing where you are going, knowing your values, and directing your actions by sorting the ideas, sorting the thoughts that are coming into your mind.

I've heard somebody, just lately, pointing out something that resonates very well with me.
The person said, "Every time "I "feel, like, "'Should I have this cinnamon bun?' "I'm asking myself, "'Is it bringing me, actually, to the fitness level "'that I want to create?'" And, then, the person didn't go and get the cinnamon bun.
This example demonstrates how clarity works.

There is a little gap between the thought coming in, and us taking action.

So I want to make you think. And having fun, and having successful, fulfilling joy-filled life of growth and fulfillment.
So have fun. Think about this, and start to observe your thoughts and actions. And begin to sort out.
You will be feeling in control. And that's self-empowerment. So have fun. I'll be back, stay tuned.

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