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life-improvement 5-minute stress-reduction tool ❤️

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We tend to carry a “to-do list” in our head, which occupies a thought space and creates unnecessary inner pressure. Some of those tasks take only 5 minutes or less. Begin today by immediately completing one short-time task that will take less than five minutes and observe the relief in your body and mental and emotional state. You’ll feel much more relaxed and accomplished by the end of the day. And if you make a note about it in your success journal, the self-empowering effect will be even more. Remember the competence-confidence loop and apply this 5-minute tool intentionally to build a newly empowered self-image. Using this little “trick,” you’ll create an action taker habit., a dream-building quality. And if you long for living a more fulfilling life and seek support, book a free dream-builder discovery session with me (certified DreamBuilder Coach) at

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