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😊30-Day Business Challenge Day 9: How to activate your success brain


Thoughts are creative, and this is no woo-woo idea but a scientifically proven discovery.

We have a fantastic power sitting between our ears.

  1. Our brain filters what we see and
  2. we direct what the mind is letting through 
  3. by the focus  of our thoughts
  4. and the emotions we have

The reason most of the people are not using the brain functionality for their benefit is that

  1. nobody taught us how to think
  2. nobody told us how the emotion influence what we experience.

It's time to learn!

And because only the experience teaches, you'll need to convince yourself of the validity of this notion.

Here's how you can do that

  1. begin to observe what you are focusing on
  2. engage in exercising your creative power
  3. get clear on what you want
  4. know the emotional equivalent of the achievement (feel it viscerally)
  5. Focus in this feeling-state on the picture of the achieved result
  6. Observe what thought, information and occurrences come to your awareness from your observation, memory etc.
  7. Notice those pieces of information that support your goal

only if you become aware of the working of the inner GPS, you'll believe it and will be motivated enough to train yourself to use it intentionally.

Enjoy the discovery of your amazing creative power and control you'll have over you life-experience and emotions.

You are born to Thrive! 

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