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😊30-Day Business Challenge Day 26: what you need to do when feeling overworked and burned out in your business

business growth management

You started a business as a solo entrepreneur, and you have grown your business.

Your business grew but how about you?

Do you feel overworked or even burned out?

Do you feel like your business is running you?

Then it's time to look at what you have on your "plate" of responsibilities and clean out what doesn't need to be done by you?

Delegate, Optimize, Hire out, and Batch your work.

Your business is different, serves more people and has components of operation that

did not exist when you started.

Take time and look closer and reorganize your life.

  1. Begin with taking inventory of how you spend your days.
  2. do this for one week
  3. then go through all the tasks you did 
  4. and make a decision which one can be done better or by someone else
  5. commit to taking one action this week in reducing the load of work by delegating, removing or hiring out.
  6. You'll see how much emotional relief this action will give you.

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