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😊30-Day Business Challenge Day 17: Balance sheet and budget - taking score - what gets measured gets done

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When we know where we are then it is easy to set the GPS toward our goals and dreams and take the first step.

The starting point for every improvement is in taking inventory of the current situation. Before going on a hiking trip, you have to collect data about what you need and see what you already have — same as in every goal achievement process.

financial comfort and growth are essential in business and personal life. Money is the essence of our overall wellbeing as it is necessary to have as a means of exchange for the services and products we, on the other hand, need to grow to the potential we feel rising within us and calling for realization.

Self-realization in entrepreneurship is from my point of view the most beautiful lifestyle, and money management is an indisputable component of success (personally and professionally)

Enjoy the clarity that comes with it ✅

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