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😊30-Day Business Challenge Day 15: 12 months - 365 Days - One Dream - One Purpose - One Goal

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It is said, "Clarity is Power".

why is it so?

Our brain has a filtering mechanism called the RAS (Reticular Activating System) helping us to get the information we need. It protects us from overwhelm and gives us clear information in life-threatening moments.

Our focus defines what information we receive and it works with all mental faculties like imagination.

When we connect emotionally with a subject of interest, we naturally become more aware of related information.

The typical example is when we think of purchasing something we connect with excitement like a holiday or new car and we suddenly notice this car more often around us than before. 

The information was always there we just were not aware of it because of other priorities living in our mind :)

Now when it comes to starting a business or wanting life-improvement, we can utilize the same support system by 

  1. having a vision that we connect in high positive emotion like excitement or passion to achieve it
  2. know clearly what it is and how it will play out in our life once achieved
  3. know what we want to achieve it
  4. believe we can achieve it
  5. have a plan of milepost (5  milepost is a good number)
  6. and set a SMART goal to achieve it

The power is in clarity and in ALIGNMENT of all components from the overall dream to clearly defined goal with measurable specifics and the first steps.

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