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😊30-Day Business Challenge Day 14: Let the Superhero within take the Command

focus purpose

You may have seen the movie "Cast Away". 

Sometimes it is helpful to use a focus enhancer.

I learned it the first time in a personal growth workshop more than 30 years ago. We spent a weekend in beautiful surroundings at an Austrian lake in the mountains surrounded by sophisticated luxury with a trainer who guided us to new habits and routines.

We began the day with uplifting music and exercise in the park followed by workshops and delicious get the picture.

The point is, the instructor asked us to go to town and get a piece of anything that we will keep with us after leaving the seminar as a reminder of what we committed us to achieve.

I had a little frog with an umbrella.

He then asked us to stand up and present the trinket to the group with an explanation of its meaning.

My umbrella frog was a symbol of being protected ..what a difference it is when looking back from where I am now. It indeed spoke of my mindset that time and my fears of being derailed from my dream-building.

Today I am asking you the same question. 

get something that will remind you of your duty to live your full potential. 

Gove the command to the superhero within and excel in your everyday activities. Keep this reminder close by and remind yourself how you can bring out more of the gifts you have to give and feel the feeling of growth into the true you in the wholeness of your being.

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