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48-page 12-Months Life & Business Planner and Workbook

Every success requires

  1. a plan,
  2. the recording of results
  3. and a periodic adjustment of the strategy.

This 12-month planner and workbook as one unit provide exactly such a tool - a living document where you have in one place your starting goals and steps and designated workbook templates for quarterly review and adjustment.

This Step-by-Step Planner Walks Through All of This:

  • Step 1: Define Your Most Audacious Life & Business Desires
  • Step 2: Dig Deep Into Your “Big Why” to Stay Wildly Motivated (a powerful "why" is the magic ingredient of achievers turning hard work into inspiring growth)
  • Step 3: Clarify Your Desires to Get Fiercely Focused on Your Most Important Dreams. Clarity is power. With the clarity you'll gain; decision-making will become fast and easy.
  • Step 4: Simplify Your Goals & Amplify Your Results with SMART Goals. A proven system to set measurable, time-defined goals. What gets measured, gets done - Bingo! 
  • Step 5: Pick Powerful & Impactful Goals (So You Can Ditch “Goal Overwhelm” & Make the Next 12 Months Your Best Ever!) we may want to achieve many things. But our goals have different qualities. In step 5 you'll find out which of your goals really matter - you may be surprised!
  • Step 6: Chunk Down Your Big Dreams Into Small Steps & Realistic Timelines. Big success is the result of focused daily action steps. In step 6 you will put your big dreams on a solid foundation of realistic milestones.
  • Step 7: Visualize & “Feel Into” Your Next Level for a Major Dose of Manifesting Magic. Every big accomplishment started in the imagination of a person who thought bigger than their present conditions. In step 7 you'll add this magic tool to your success toolbox.
  • Step 8: Start Bringing Your Dreams to Life, Starting Right Now!

Plan your year and then work your plan - then, 12 months from now, celebrate your success!

Here's to your success!