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22-page Showcase My Expertise Planner & Workbook

Every success requires

strategy, plan and action

“The quality of our life is determined by the quality of the questions we ask.” In this planner, I'll guide you through nine steps of questions that bring clarity to the field of your expertise, the people who will benefit from it and the tools you can use to begin to build your personal expert/coach/speaker/practitioner brand.

This Step-by-Step Planner Walks Through 9 steps:

Step 1: Identify Your Zone of Genius

Step 2: Challenge Your Own Assumptions

Step 3: Your Story, Your Brand

Step 4: Update Your Bio with Specifics

Step 5: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Step 6: Brag a Little

Step 7: Speak Your Piece

Step 8: Gather Testimonials

Step 9: There’s More to Life Than Business 

You have expertise, talents, experience and skills that other people seek. Are already people coming to you with questions? See, they already see you as an expert.

You have answers to challenges others face, as the internet connects individuals to individuals. 

A new way of entrepreneurship was born and grew during the pandemic. Coaches and advisors are in high demand by individuals who seek improvement in countless areas of life and career.

The digital delivery of information, the knowledge commerce is booming because corona trained every one of us to consume digital content.

People are online seeking information you may have.

Your expertise has package-able value. There are many ways to share your expertise, but a structured approach makes everything easier and speeds up the process when you are just beginning.

So if you contemplate your chances of sharing your expertise online, you'll benefit from the 22-page planner I have for you.

There are 22 pages to jot down your answers and clarify how you can utilize your expertise for a service and use the internet to connect with those who will benefit from it.

Here's to your success!