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Thriving in the Second Half of Life

Welcome to MILA - the Good Life Journal

Living a full life in excitement/growth, success and happiness. Who wouldn't want it?

BUT the second half of life is filled with new challenges, losses and  all kinds of "trials and tribulation."

My name is Mila Lansdowne a woman with many labels (entrepreneur, care-giver, widow, immigrant, divorcee and more). I'm sure you and I have some of those labels in common and I'm  passionate about helping you live a better life; a life you love to live.

The second half of life is filled with the most exciting opportunity of discovering who we are and living the life we envisioned all of those years of helping our loved ones the best we could (often suffering in making choices family vs. career.)


Happiness and success are a state of living that must be understood and cultivated. I call the state of fulfillment ALIGNMENT. When our inner state of thinking and feeling matches the actions and words on the outside, we are in alignment. 

You know the inner critic and the inner voice that knows when you did something that is not in alignment with who you deep inside want to be.

So the path to a happy, successful and fulfilling life, is the path of conscious growth toward the ideal you, THE TRUE YOU.


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