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Welcome to MILA - the Good Life Journal

Living a full life in excitement/growth, success and happiness. Who wouldn't want it?

My name is Mila Lansdowne and I'm passionate about helping you live better life; a life you love to life.

Happiness and success are a state of living that must be understood and cultivated. I call the state of fulfillment ALIGNMENT. When our inner state of thinking and feeling matches the actions and words  on the outside, we are in alignment. 

You know the inner critic and the inner voice that knows when you did something that is not in alignment with who you deep inside want to be.

So the path to a happy, successful and fulfilling life, is the path of conscious growth toward the ideal you, THE TRUE YOU.

Dress For Success

"Clothes Make people"  and we're here to help you make the look and feel of your clothing match exactly with your unique personality and lifestyle. 

From a colorful scarf for a quick change in minutes to an airy dress with chiffon drape for a night out with friends. Mila Lansdowne Designs are tailored to make you shine in the uniqueness of the True You ❤️

Let's create the look that's 100% you. 

MILA Designer Scarves

MILA Scarves: designs depicting the original silk painting using Chiffon or 100%silk in a variety of sizes and shapes made  to order 

MILA Designer Fashion

MIlA Moda: Ladies Fashion in limited edition made to order in Canada.

Exclusive Designer Collections of coordinates.

MILA Living Rooms

Designs that bring your environment alive with their individuality matching your personality and the uniqueness of  the exclusive design available only in MILA Online Store.

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There is not a better place than making income with what we are naturally drawn to do because we experience so much joy in that activity.

I'm helping creative people and entrepreneurs turn their gifts into products and service and use the digital tools to share it with the world and make living that is 360-degree fulfilling.

I'M SHARING HERE MY BLOGPOSTS about mindset and knowledge related to a successful online entrepreneurship.

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